Window Scrappage Scheme

windows scrappage schemeUsually operated by the government or perhaps a company, scrappage themes provide the customers an incentive to trade-in their old equipment. The incentives might be money towards a new purchase of the machine or it could be money in exchange for bringing an old unit in for disposal. Not only do they protect the environment, they all help people lower their expenses. Several of

the very popular schemes which has been operated by the government in the UK would be the window scrappage scheme, the boiler scrappage scheme and the car scrappage scheme.

To qualify for the scheme, the consumer must prove that they are eligible in the first instance. It may also be traded in for a brand new unit. The company will normally give some cash towards a new unit when the consumer is eligible. Usually, this is a set sum of money and in the form of a price reduction. The government will sometimes match the amount that the company is giving to the customer. When the government matches what was given to the customer, it might be a portion of the amount that had been given or it might also be the full amount. The product will probably be spoiled or repurposed by the company once they have accepted the unit.
windows scrappage schemeAnglican Home Improvements (one of the top companies in energy efficient windows) in partnership with Glass and Glazing Federation petitioned the UK government for a  window scrappage scheme. There’s been no response from the government. In late 2013, Anglican Home Improvements initiated their very own scrappage scheme. They are the first major company to do this, this windows scrappage scheme was just like one of their previous programs which they ran in 2009 for two months.

In 2010, British Gas and the government agreed to give credit towards a new boiler if they brought the old one in at the time of purchasing a new one. It only ran for a few months because the threshold of 125,000 homes had been furnished. This allowed people to get a new boiler whilst at the same time get rid of the old one.

The car scrappage scheme ran in 2009 and was very simple. You would receive a discount on a new vehicle if you scrapped your car that was built in 1999 or earlier. This was increased to cars having to have been built in 2000 or earlier. The idea behind this scheme was that it would give the automobile industry a boost and reduce the environmental damage caused by ageing cars. It increased the safety of the vehicles and overall efficiency of the cars but the jury is still out on whether it really helped the environment at all.

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